Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cyberpunk 2077 Video Game Cinematic Trailer

Yes because we need pedestrian music


pronobozo said...

Hi here's some more music


Cyberpunk said...

Yes this is much better.

stevyn said...

Greets! I am organizing a hacker gathering, conference, on May
3rd 2014 in Denver area and looking to network with anyone into or
interested in the hacker & cyberpunk scenes. Looking for speakers,
volunteers, venders, etc.

Would you like to be involved? Could you give a


Stevyn IronFeather

Cyberpunk said...

Thanks man I would have definitely loved to have given a presentation at your conference, however I live in Europe and can't afford the flights!

Thanks all the same.

I have followed your page on Facebook and will mention your conference on this site.

Stay in touch!